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Terms & Conditions

1. Turn-around duration for laundry and dry-clean is 48 hours. Next day service is subject to 50% surcharge.

2. The minimum order amount is $20.00 for premium orders and 10 pounds for bulk orders. Any order that is below the minimum amount will be charged a minimum order flat fee of $5.00.

3. Any stain, spots, and tear should be indicated by customer using the special instructions box which will help us provide a better service.

4. Customer should be aware that the outcome of stain or spot removal is not guaranteed. Many factors such as strength of fabric and the time duration of stain in contact with the clothes affects the outcome of stain removal.

5. Any alteration in clothes such as glue or adhesive to hold buttons or beads may melt during dry clean. If a dress has been altered by adding plastic beads there are chances for the beads or decorative accessory in the dress to melt. The facts about the clothing need to be declared during the ordering. The Laundry Time will not be responsible for damages caused arising due to such scenarios.

6. The Laundry Time will not be responsible for damages incurred for instructions given by customer and if customer indicates service that is otherwise stated on instruction care label.

7. Wet clothes will not be accepted at the time of pickup.

8. The clothes need to be thoroughly checked by the customer before sending out to the laundry, as The Laundry Time will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings.

9. In the event of loss of clothes that take place due to staff or driver’s negligence, The Laundry Time will be responsible for loss or damaged items and compensate the customer equivalent to three times of the amount charged for services rendered. For wedding gown and tuxedo, the compensation amount will be equal to the amount charged for the services rendered.

10. Any claim for damage or shortage must be made within 24 hours and must be accompanied by original invoice.

11. After the order has been placed, the laundry staff will confirm the count received online with the actual physical count received and any discrepancies will be reported to the customer.

12. There will be a 50% surcharge on the amount charged for or pickup or deliveries that are not received based on the schedule made by the customer.

13. Customer understands that there is a storage fee of $0.50 per day after 15 days of schedule delivery. All items not claimed after 30 days will be donated to charity or sold to cover the laundry cost incurred. This decision is taken solely at the discretion of The Laundry Time.

14. Customer understands that there is a window time of 1 hour for the driver to successfully complete the pickup and delivery. In the event of any inevitable delays due to heavy road traffic, road blocks or any natural disaster or acts of God then the customer understands that The Laundry Time will delay or cancel the pickup or delivery.